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 Join us for a Healing Place Event


Friday at 1:00 PM
In this 10th Year Celebration of the Anatomy of Brokenness Series we will take a fresh look at "Wholeness." Many are distracted in search of what they believe will make life better for them: people, relationships, experiences, and jobs - only to soon discover the issue was never about happiness, prosperity, or satisfaction, but wholeness. This is the great need of us all.
This amazing two day seminar is designed to help you discover the Power of Purpose, The Purpose of Power, and the Place of Agreement. We will focus on Loving Fully and Fully Loving and Forecasting a "Whole" Future. If you or someone you know is searching, looking, and hoping the next experience will quiet the rustlings of their soul, or fill them with happiness or contentment, then this seminar is for you.
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Friday at 2:00 PM
We want you to join us for ... The Journey to Wholeness Seminar

The Healing Place Center for Counseling and Spiritual Formation is partnering with Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church to offer a two-part healing care training program called, The Journey to Wholeness Seminar. This training program will focus on the Formational Prayer model developed by Dr. Terry Wardle. Formational Prayer is a ministry of the Holy Spirit, moving through a Christian caregiver to bring the healing presence of Jesus into places of pain and brokenness within a wounded person.

If you provide care and intervention for hurting individuals and families and you want to help individuals struggling with wounds from destructive relationships, trauma, grief & loss, and negative patterns, join us for this two-part training.


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