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Seminars - Formational Prayer seminars are scheduled throughout the year.  Our  Formational Prayer Seminar (Basic Level), featurring Dr. Terry Wardle,  is a 4 day event from Wednesday - Saturday. Our 2015 seminar will be held on November 4-7 in Mechanicsville, Virginia. We also conduct a Advance Level Formational Prayer Seminar each April.  This is a two-day event conducted on Friday and Saturday.  In  addition to our basic and advance level seminars, we also conduct two  one-day seminars  on various topics  in January and in July.  These seminars are always held on Saturdays.  Our upcoming one-day seminar, Formational Approaches to Caring for Youth will be held on July 18, 2015. This seminar is currently featured on our homepage. Registration is now open.

Healing Care Small Groups - We provide 16 week groups and 12 weeks groups conducted by trained Healing Place caregivers.  The size of the group is usually between 5-8 participants and are offerred on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday events from 6:30 - 9:00 PM.  Please contact us at for more infomation about the new round of groups.

Counseling - A number of counseling services are available including individual, couples, marriage and family, and child and teen. We also offer trauma and grief counseling to persons who have experience emotional, physical, pyschologicial or spiritual trauma.  These services are provided by trained caregivers and counselors.  Day and evening hours are available.  Contact our office at (804) 730-1348 for discuss your needs.

Group Retreats- We provide a number of retreats throughout the year at the Beulah Retreat and Conference Center in Siler City North Carolina.  You will feel the Presence of the Lord on this beautiful wooded location.  Our 2015 retreat schedule includes:  Women's Retreat - May 29-31, Youth Retreat (Middle School), Youth Retreat (High School) and Spirit Direction Retreat - Nov.  2015.  Please email us a  for a retreat brochure for any of our upcoming retreats.  In addition, to our scheduled retreat we also provide Intensive Individual Couple's Retreat. These retreats conducted by Drs. R. Neal and Sharon Siler and are scheduled individually. Again, please e-mail us for additonal information.

Intensive Retreats - Sometimes Christian couples come to impasses in their marriage that threaten the stability of their relationship.  Not wanting to throw in the towel and give-up, these couples need the opportunity to work with another highly skilled Christina couple who will offer counseling, guidance, prayer and support for the issues and charged emotions.  Such help in available through intensive individual couple retreat that may be conducted Thursday to Saturday by Drs. Neal and Sharon Siler or Revs. Sir Walter and Sandra Scott.   If you are interested in discussing your needs in this area, contact our office at (804) 730-1348 to schedule a telephone conference.

Spiritual Direction - Do you need to engage the presence of the Lord and to grow in your relationship to him? Spiritual Direction helps an individual engage and grow in his or her relationship with God by paying attention to what God is saying and responding to that communication.  Spiritual Direction is available on a one-to one basis by Healing Place Team members who are trained and experienced in disciplines to help one enter into places of silence, and thoughtful reflection.  Please consider the Spiritual Direction services of The Healing Place.  Certified Spiritual Directors are available to support you on your journey.  Please e-mail us at for a list of our Spiritual Directors.