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Healing Care Small Groups

We all have had some traumatic experience(s) somewhere in our growth that tend to run our lives. The emotions that we deem too scary or embarrassing don't just go away. Some people try to forget about them through behaviors that make things worse. It is called "pain killing". We all can attest to the destructive impact of drugs or alcohol as "pain killing" but what about, over-eating, gambling, shopping therapy, or any other addictive or destructive behavior? What about performance and people pleasing? Whatever behavior is your pain killer of choice that which has hurt you in the past does not go away.

Healing Care Small Groups, using the formational prayer model  provide  time to reflect on events in your life and bring them in line with the plan that a loving God has for you. It is a gentle way of allowing God to meet you in the unfulfilled places of your life and journeying with Him to an unimaginable place of love, safety, wholeness and rest in Him. A skilled caregiver will help you navigate places in your life where you will find answers to your unanswered questions and affirm the treasure of your uniqueness and place in the body of Christ. 

The Healing Place Center for Counseling and Spiritual Formation provides a 16-week group which focuses on unhealed wounds and traumas, a 12-week attachment group, a grief and loss group, and  a married couples group throughout the year. Currently, all small groups are offerred online and meet one time per week for appropriately 2 hours per session. Our small group ministry has three foci:

  • A teaching component which focuses on the objectives of the session relative to the topic,
  • An experiential component which focuses on spiritual disciplines and limbic exercises designed to connect with the affective response relative to the topic, and
  • A spiritual component that engages a specific text or theological concept relative to the topic

Each week, participants will engage all three components through addressing the teaching topic of the week through small group process, weekly assignments, experiential spiritual disciplines and formational prayer ministry. 



 Please return to this part of our website for information about the next round of healing care small groups.