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Travel Light Women's Retreat

 Join us for a Healing Place Event


Friday, October 04, 2019

Travel Light...what picture do you see in your mind's eye when you read that phrase? Perhaps you imagine yourself with a lightweight bag slung over your shoulder with only the essentials and being ready to go in a minute's notice. I see a similar picture for myself and the rest of the Body of Christ. The picture suggests freedom, liberty and the ability to move with ease. Travel Light is an invitation to let go of that which is not needed and to embrace only that which is really essential for the journey.

For many of us, our reality is just the opposite of traveling light. Our schedules are packed full of responsibilities, duties and commitments, and our hearts are overwhelmed with weights and cares of every kind and description. Our daily pace is hurried and hectic, and distractions erode our efforts to be quiet and really hear  from God.

Registration Information avaialble here.

Event Location

Beulah Retreat and Conference Center • 4435 Pleasant Hill Road • Siler City, NC 27344 • US

Contact Information

Contact: Sharon Siler
Phone: (804) 730-1348


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