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The Grief Small Group (Thursday)

 Join us for a Healing Place Event


Thursday, March 04, 2021

Event Information

We all have had some traumatic experience(s) somewhere in our growth that tend to run our lives. The emotions that we deem too scary or embarrassing don't just go away. Some people try to forget about them through behaviors that make things worse. It is called "pain killing". We all can attest to the destructive impact of drugs or alcohol as "pain killing" but what about, overeating, gambling, or shopping therapy.

The Healing Place is committed to your wholeness and wellbeing, offering several life-changing small group opportunities through an online platform. Our online small groups allow us to provide a safe and sacred space for healing to people across the world using Zoom.

With the advances of technology, you will be able to participate regardless of where you reside or the time zone you live in. You will be amazed at how the Holy Spirit will meet you and your group in a wonderful encounter of love and grace.

Our small groups are facilitated by caregivers trained in formational prayer and our spiritual direction group is led by a trained spiritual director. We invited you to register today for one of the small groups we will offer beginning the first week of March 2021!

the registration fee for this group is $35.00. The participation fee is $25.00 per week. Payment options include Check, Credit Card, and Cash App.

Small Group Participant Resources:

  • THIS IS MY STORY - THIS IS MY SONG (Grief Small Group Participant Workbook)


Sharon Siler

Dr. Sharon Siler is the Executive Director of The Healing Place and has provided care for persons experiencing death and non-death losses for a number of years.  She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,  Virginia Commonwealth University and  the College of William and Mary.  In addition to her work in education, Sharon is an ordained minister, a trained spiritual director and formational prayer caregiver.  Her commitment to provide care and support to the bereaved has resulted  in her pursuit of a Master's of Science in Thanatology from Marian University in Fond du Lac Wisconsin. One of her favorite quotes written by Darcy L. Harris and the late Howard R. Winokuer says:  

 "Our lives are often shaped and shattered by the experience of various losses over time".

Event Location

Online Zoom Meeting • • , VA • US

Contact Information

Contact: Dr. Sharon Siler
Phone: (804) 277.3831


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